Monday, 25 February 2008

Riffs - Can You Dig It?

Hello Boppers
The Rochdale Riffs from Rochdale are not happy. Leader Cyrus has had his pie stolen outside a chippy in Wigan. His gang are in hot persuit in a souped up Mini down the M6. Up front in a stolen D. Morgan tipper are the Warrington Warriors trying to fight their way back to the sanctuary of home turf, in er.. Warrington. What the Riffs fail to understand, is that the pie was nicked by Luther, the leader of the Runcorn Rogues from Runcorn, who then blamed the Warriors.
We were trying to flag them down and explain what had happened just after they cut us up and brake tested us in the outside lane. We thought it may reduce their haste and make the roads a safer place. However, after weighing up the options and the possibility of the desperado's pulling a shooter on us, we decided to pull off at the next junction and have an power nap in the services.

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