Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sporty Spice

Colin Parry (we are guessing!) plays football on Sundays and golf when it's not raining because it makes a terrible mess of his hair. He drinks bottled beer and his favourite food is chicken nuggets with BBQ dip. He holidays in Ayia Napa and makes love to ladies with Craig David whispering sweet nothings from his new i pod with 3D docking station and built in waffle toaster. He wears hipster jeans with boxers riding a good two inches above, probably by Kevin Klein. Be carefull Colin, our mum reckons you can get cold in your kidneys by not tucking that shirt in.
His girlfreind thinks that he runs his own internet business doing import/export. Truth is, he does the egg glaze on the line at Roberts Bakery. Good job that his Granny left him the money for the car eh?

Anyway, why is he putting petrol into his screen wash?

Colin, we like your style, but not your spelling.


The Steel Duke said...

Im slightly concerned that Mr Parry is driving such an expensive automobile given that, according to IMDb, his last role was as Mr Lomas in one episode of The Chase. Yes, he may have a Bacon Number of 3 but its a bit tenuous to say the least. Instead of fuelling up in the village, I suggest a trip to Morrisons instead. This could save him £124.80 a year on an average 60 litres of fuel per week. The money he saves could go towards a new belt to keep his trousers above his underwear and perhaps a new A4 picture to send to his agent.

Davenham Dave said...

He's got velcro on his shoes because he can't tie a bow.

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