Thursday, 22 November 2007

Her Name Is RHE4O And She Dances On The Sand

WTF? I still haven't been able to work this one out. I asked Google if it knew, they said this. Can't possibly mean 'Cheap', that's a £30k BMW and that plate must be worth £40 quid! Then, on closer inspection, we found it. Welcome to the M6 RheaO.

I can't dish anything out for this one because she's clearly new to the country and I'd like to 'protect' her.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Keep up the good work. Am currently keeping surveillance on B7RRY as a potential tosser. Sorry, I mean perpetrator. Will keep you posted. Beem-er-rang

The Steel Duke said...

Superb Foxy...
One thing, can you open up the blog to allow others to post piccies too? I could provide several, per day!

Foxy said...


Excellent. Unfortunately, blogger can't do that. You could e-mail them to

Credit given for those used and spot prizes for the best stupid number plate.

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