Monday, 26 November 2007

Audi Doodi

Jn 21 M6 08:50hrs

The inevitable queue formed way before the start of the viaduct. Patient people in tin boxes listening to Brazil and Parry, watching the bumper in front so as not to be the one to 'let them them in'. I sat and wondered if the viaduct itself is high enough to jump off and deploy a parachute, or if you'd smash into the ground and the chute just jump out of the back pack and cover your bleeding remains. Also, how fast would you need to be traveling to use it's gentle slope as a take off ramp. I reckon somewhere in the region of 786 MPH would probably get you airborn and over the matrix sign.

Then it happened, I failed to notice that the car in front had moved and an Audi sized gap had opened up. She was in with a beautifully executed series of offences. IATACI, IATAICYU & IATACQ. 9 points, well done.

AL51 OLT - you are a TOSSER!

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Anonymous said...

Were you thinkin about a static line jump or a drogue? I reckon you should be OK with the latter.

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