Friday, 14 December 2007

Jingle - "Shameless Plug of the Weeeeeeeek!" GEMU VALVES

Sometimes on our M6 excursions, we meet nice people. This gentleman made room and let us change lanes without shaking his fist, swearing or trying to ram us. The only proplem was that we then needed to change lanes twice more to get the shot in. We think that may have pissed him off, but his nerve held. With that in mind, we thought we might do something in return.

For all your diaphragm valvey needs

"I bought a Gemu valve for my flesh disolver - It was brilliant" Dave, Warrington.

"My stairlift had a Gemu diaphragm valve, it never let me down" Thora Hird.

Gemu Valves Ltd
9 Grosvenor Grange

Tel: 01925 824044
Fax: 01925 828002

Cheers Gemu - Keep up the good work.

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